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3.44 (1,900 Ratings by Goodreads)


3.44 (1,900 Ratings by Goodreads)
ISBN13: 9781447250449
Published Date: 13 February, 2014

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Thirteen is the first in an exciting action series from Tom Hoyle.

Born at midnight in London, on the stroke of the new millennium, Adam is the target of a cult that believes boys born on this date must die before the end of their thirteenth year. Twelve boys have been killed so far. Coron, the crazy cult leader, will stop at nothing to bring in his new kingdom. And now he is planning a bombing spectacular across London to celebrate the sacrifice of his final victim: Adam.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 336
Item Weight 240 Gram
Product Dimensions 128 x 34 x 198
Publisher Macmillan Children's Books
Format Unabridged | 336
Book Overview A gripping thriller about a boy targeted by a murderous cult leader. Fast-paced action for fans of CHERUB and GONE.

Thirteen is a rattling good read and I suspect there will be plenty of adults, like me, who will be very happy to add this to their reading piles. * crimereview.co.uk *
Fast-paced and brimming with action, menace and suspense, Thirteen is a truly gripping and gritty thriller. * Lancashire Evening Post *
I found myself gripped and not able to put it down until I knew what happened. The author has a sequel planned and I will be looking out for it. * jilllovestoread.blogspot.co.uk *
This was a very strong debut novel, the villains were fantastic and all the more eerie because these kinds of people actually exist. If you know any young to mid teens with a penchant for thrillers and tense action stories, this is definitely the story for them. * ermergerdwerds.wordpress.com *
As with any great adventure the closing passages were built up with tension and it had a great setting in the streets of London, feeling ready-made for a film adaptation. I would recommend this book at the younger teen but anything that can get young males reading is worthy of acclaim and I think this book will certainly do that. * boyletstalkaboutbooks281.blogspot.co.uk *
The characters were great, both the 'good' and the 'bad'. Coron was a brilliant crazy cult leader. Adam was a really likeable character, and the way he fantasised about being a hero before talking sense into himself was really cute. It is definitely something I would recommend for a younger, male reader who enjoys books such as The Recruit by Robert Muchamore. * arabooklover.blogspot.co.uk *
I loved the storyline of thirteen kids being born on the 1st of January 2000 and a clan of crazy ass people chasing after them to kill them before they hit the age of 14 so that their leader can cleanse the world of evil. It makes you realise how easily persuaded and gullible humans actually are. * doughnutandco.blogspot.co.uk *
A great read for everyone but it will join my list of reads for boy, particularly those finding reading an effort aged 12-16. * The School Librarian *
Thirteen is an explosive read that is very readable. It's dangerous, disturbing and always exciting. The ending is mindblowingly brilliant and I'm very eager to get my hands on book 2. * fictionfascination.blogspot.co.uk *

Tom Hoyle is the headmaster of a North London boys' school. Thirteen is his first book, and he followed this with the equally exciting Spiders. He says 'I wanted every chapter to be dramatic and engaging, the literary equivalent of a modern action film, something that even the most reluctant readers in my English class would want to pick up.'