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ITV NEWS: A peek inside the Oxfordshire warehouse finding homes for four million second-hand books

Four million books line the warehouse that is looking to spread the power of reading to families and give a new lease of life to second-hand books, as ITV News Meridian's Kara Digby reports.

Credit: ITV Meridian
Nov 10, 2023


BBC OXFORD: Rehoming 4 million books in Wallingford!
Turner-nominated artist David Shrigley made the news for pulping 6,000 copies of Dan Brown's best-seller The Da Vinci Code and republishing them as George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The artist sourced the books from Awesome Books in Wallingford - a company saving secondhand books from landfill and finding them new homes.

Credit: BBC Radio Oxford 
Oct 30, 2023


THE TIMES: New chapter for old books as warehouse handles tonnes of tomes
This is where books come to be reborn. The warehouse, which was credited by the artist David Shrigley last week for helping him to collect thousands of copies of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, takes books from charity shops and recycling centres and sends them around the world.

Credit: The Times
Oct 29, 2023


BBC NEWS: David Shrigley: Artist pulps 6,000 copies of The Da Vinci Code and turns them into 1984

The Turner Prize-nominated artist David Shrigley has pulped 6,000 copies of Dan Brown's best-seller The Da Vinci Code and republished them as George Orwell's novel 1984.

Credit: BBC News
Oct 26, 2023