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You Should Have Told Me :The gripping new psychological thriller that will hook you from the first page

3.63 (1,302 Ratings by Goodreads)
You Should Have Told Me

You Should Have Told Me :The gripping new psychological thriller that will hook you from the first page

3.63 (1,302 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 19 January, 2023
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'A gut-wrenching, breathlessly tense thriller' ALLIE REYNOLDS
'Full of twists and revelations right to the end!' 5***** READER REVIEW
'Cleverly plotted and emotionally resonant' ANDREA BARTZ
'A taut, compelling thriller' SAMANTHA DOWNING

Having a child was supposed to make Janie and Max's lives complete.

But six weeks in, Janie relies on Max just to get through the day.

Until the night he doesn't come home.

Suddenly Janie is left alone with their baby. She's desperate for answers. And when a woman's body is found, his disappearance raises serious alarms.

For Janie, and for the police . . .

Janie is sure Max couldn't be involved.

But the harder she looks for him, the more she realises how much Max has been hiding . . .

Praise for Leah Konen:

'Intense, unpredictable and completely addictive' T.M. Logan

'The twists keep on coming right up to the final page. I read it in one sitting' Sarah Pinborough

'One White Lie hooked me from the start. This book has everything - engaging characters, a unique story, and an ending that will blow you away' Samantha Downing

This gut-wrenching and breathlessly tense thriller perfectly captures the vulnerability, desperation and helplessness of a new mother trapped in a nightmare scenario. Raw, unflinchingly honest and emotionally compelling, with themes of family and trust -- Allie Reynolds
Readers are going to love You Should Have Told Me.There's so much to unpack in this taut, compelling thriller: New motherhood, a missing husband, a ton of secrets, all brilliantly written and plotted. Leah Konen's books are always at the top of my list -- Samantha Downing
Unique, cleverly plotted, and emotionally resonant, You Should Have Told Me is the rare thriller that manages to be both a dazzling page-turner and a moving meditation on what it means to be a mother today. It thoughtfully explores society's sky-high standards for women, the secrets we hide even from ourselves, and how hard it can be to trust others-especially those we love the most. I absolutely loved it, and trust me: This book is going to be huge -- Andrea Bartz
You Should Have Told Me is an urgent, read-in-one-sitting story that asks when we should believe the worst about someone we love. A tightly constructed thriller that is also a frank, moving examination of the relentless labor and unspoken terrors of new motherhood, the struggle to let ourselves be known, and the pain of trying, and failing, to be good to the people we love. I adored this book, and Leah Konen should be at the top of any thriller lover's must-read list -- Katie Gutierrez
Raw, brave and gripping, You Should Have Told Me is a brilliant portrayal of a new mother whose struggles will cut you to the core. The flawless writing is both emotionally resonant and tantalizingly suspenseful as we try to figure out the secrets and lies behind a missing person and a murder. Every chapter is more addictive than the last, leading to a stunning ending that you won't see coming. Leah Konen is an astonishing talent -- Samantha Bailey
With breathless suspense and cliffhangers in nearly every chapter, Leah Konen has written a pitch-perfect thriller with a plot so propulsive the pages practically turn themselves. Not only is You Should Have Told Me packed with stunning surprises and brow-raising reveals; it is also an unflinching exploration of the dark side of new motherhood - one that, too often, women are discouraged from sharing -- Megan Collins
Atmospheric and deeply thought-provoking, You Should Have Told Me is both a page-turning mystery and a deft exploration of the thorny intersection of marriage and parenthood and the complex, often fraught reality of new motherhood -- Kimberly McCreight

Leah Konen is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studied journalism and English literature. She's the author of several young adult novels, including Love and Other Train Wrecks and The Romantics. One White Lie was her adult thriller debut, which was followed by The Perfect Escape and You Should Have Told Me.

She lives in Brooklyn and Saugerties, NY, with her husband, their daughter, Eleanor, and their dog, Farley.

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