Making History

3.94 (10,427 Ratings by Goodreads)
Making History

Making History

3.94 (10,427 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 5 August, 2004
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Michael Young is a brilliant young history student whose life is changed when he meets Leo Zuckerman, an ageing physicist with a theory that can change worlds.

Together they realise that they have the power to alter history and eradicate a great evil. But tinkering with timelines is more dangerous than they can imagine and nothing - past, present or future - will ever be the same again.

'The tensions and resolutions are intrinsically comic, made still more enjoyable by [Fry's] sinuous invention and cleverness at caricature' Spectator

'Sprightly and entertaining' Telegraph

Stephen Fry at his twinkling best * Sunday Times *
His best novel yet ... an extravagant, deeply questioning work of science fiction * GQ *
A sci-fi comedy that is also a time-travel thriller, constantly topical and always surprising... packed with the author's personal enthusiasm and hatreds, the former red-hot and the latter icy-black * Literary Review *
A powerful imaginative pull that keeps the pages turning while the tea goes cold and the cat gets the goldfish * The Independent *
A sprightly and entertaining read * Daily Telegraph *

Stephen Fry is an award-winning comedian, actor, presenter and director. He rose to fame alongside Hugh Laurie in A Bit of Fry and Laurie (which he co-wrote with Laurie) and Jeeves and Wooster, and was unforgettable as General Melchett in Blackadder. He has hosted over 180 episodes of QI, and has narrated all seven of the Harry Potter novels for the audiobook recordings. He is the bestselling author of four novels - The Stars' Tennis Balls, Making History, The Hippopotamus and The Liar - as well as three volumes of autobiography - Moab is My Washpot, The Fry Chronicles and More Fool Me. Mythos and Heroes, his retelling of the Greek myths, are both Sunday Times bestsellers.

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