Anglo-Saxon Myths :The Struggle for the Seven Kingdoms

4.02 (1,059 Ratings by Goodreads)
Anglo-Saxon Myths

Anglo-Saxon Myths :The Struggle for the Seven Kingdoms

4.02 (1,059 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 29 September, 2022
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Enchanting tales of the gods, kings, and monsters that populated the Anglo-Saxon world. An atmospheric collection of 30 folk tales exploring stories of cosmology, monsters, conflicts and courtship from the Seven Kingdoms to Middle Earth. This is an entertaining portal into a world overflowing with mythology, magic and all manner of beguiling creatures, which has inspired everything from the Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones. The book is divided into 3 parts: * Scop is a set of stories told by the Anglo-Saxon storyteller Scop, from the creation to the destruction of the world. It explores what remains of the gods and monsters of the Anglo-Saxon cosmology. * Wreccan is pagan stories exploring self-discovery and development through exile. Variations of these tales would have told by the Anglo-Saxons themselves, including Sigemund's rebellion and the trials of Beowulf. * Bretwalda stories revolve around Bretwalda the chief Anglo-Saxon king who ruled over the majority of the Seven Kingdoms. These stories reflect a period when both the old gods and Christianity existed simultaneously. Remarkable illustrations by Jesus Sotes breathe new life into these tales of the past.

'It is easy, reading Stratford's vibrant retellings, to understand where Tolkien drew his inspiration from and this fine book should find a similar, enthusiastic readership' Observer Alexander Larman 'Grab yourself a cuppa, open the covers and enjoy the atmospheric tales told within' The Countryman

Brice Stratford is a storyteller, historian, actor and theatre director. He writes regularly on heritage, art and architectural history for Apollo Magazine, the Spectator, the British Theatre Guide, the Critic, and various other trade publications. He also runs the award-winning Owle Schreame theatre company. Jesus Sotes is a self-taught illustrator based in Pamplona, Spain. He has spent several years working as a graphic designer for different studios and advertising agencies. His style is bold yet elegant and transports the viewer to an otherworldly place. His clients include British Airways, Hermes Paris, Pepsi China, and The Guardian among others.

Type Book
ISBN 9781849947664
Number Of Pages 224
Publisher Batsford Ltd
Format Hardback