Monet (Ticktock Essential Artists)

Monet (Ticktock Essential Artists)

by David Spence (Author)


Monet profiles the wonderful world of this extraordinary artist and his paintings, his inspiration and what we can learn from his art today. Insightful text and original colour paintings provides explanation and analysis of Monet's most famous pictures, aiding a thorough understanding of how the society and art of the time influenced his work.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Publisher: TickTock Books
Published: 27 Nov 2008

ISBN 10: 1846968771
ISBN 13: 9781846968778
Children’s book age: 9-11 Years
Book Overview: Each title in the series is a wonderful visual journey, beautifully designed with up to 100 colour paintings, illustrations and photographs. These books provide a detailed overview of each subject - written to both entertain and inform. Filled with eyewitness accounts, timelines, and fun facts. Ideal for project work, or just a great read.