May I Have Your Attention Please?

May I Have Your Attention Please?

ISBN13: 9781846059353
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As far back as he can remember James Corden has only ever wanted to be in one place: in front of you, doing something to make you cry, shout, scream or giggle uncontrollably; whether it's entertaining the congregation at his baby sister's christening at the age of four, clowning around in class, or snogging Sue Barker in front of thousands of people at Sports Relief. But it wasn't that easy getting there. Growing up, his dad would drive him up and down to London for auditions, sometimes three or four times a week, only to be met with constant knockbacks. Even the teenage distractions of girls, forming his own pop group, attempted (and failed) shoplifting, or the endless detentions he'd get from exasperated teachers didn't put him off. He knew where he wanted to be and he'd keep on trying until he got there. "May I Have Your Attention Please?" is the story of how it all happened. From his time as one of the founding players of his school's first ever rugby team to nationwide fame as the loveably loud Smithy in the award-winning "Gavin and Stacey", this is a tenderly - and very funnily - told story of what it's like to try, try and try again and get there in the end.

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Book Overview The warm, cheeky, and hilarious story of one of our most popular comedy stars

A propulsive read ...his garrulous tone survives the transition to the page... there are open-hearted moments, especially about his family, that are rather moving The Times What hoists his book several rungs above most showbiz autobiographies is his willingness to address his failings... by the end, I suspect that they [the readers] - like me - will have been won over by his candour and charm -- John Preston Daily Mail Chatty, funny, hugely engaging, honest ... an endearingly honest account of his life so far... Heat James reveals more shocking and hilarious tales behind his rise to fame in his autobiography The Sun ...the writing - matey and witty with bursts of Smithy-style sincerity - is distinctively Corden. Independent

Born in Buckinghamshire in 1978, James Corden is a British actor, television writer, producer and presenter. He is co-creator and star of the multi-award winning BBC comedy Gavin & Stacey. James lives in London with his girlfriend and newborn son.