You're Going Home in a F*****g Ambulance :Hooligan Wars - The Inside Story

You're Going Home in a F*****g Ambulance

You're Going Home in a F*****g Ambulance :Hooligan Wars - The Inside Story

Published: 18 August, 2022
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In his latest book, bestselling author Cass Pennant takes an engaging and unparalleled look at some of the most volatile and violent scenes of fans following their football clubs to have unfolded over the past five decades, and examines the lengths to which many will go to put one over their local rivals. Here is history that also examines everything from the changing face of football violence, to who gets involved - and why. It looks, too, at how the' firms' operate, both home and away, and at the effects of the football establishment's often counter-productive attempts to contain hooliganism on the psychology of supporters. Has the war on hooliganism been successfully stamped out? Can it ever be won? This remarkable and informative book gives a frank examination of football violence to show how different inter-club and inter-regional rivalries have evolved - and features many first-hand accounts of incidents that make chilling reading. It builds up to provide the most comprehensive look behind the match-day madness and the activities of some of British football's most notorious hooligans, to give answers as to why these games are so important to supporters. The history of such infamous 'firms' as the ICF, the Bushwackers, the Headhunters, and the Red Army has never been fully documented . . . until now. You're Going Home in a F*cking Ambulance is an eye-opening study of a problem that refuses to go away, by a writer who knows his subject inside-out.

Cass Pennant is a writer, historian and filmmaker who lives in Surrey. He is the author of nine published books, five of which have been UK Top Ten bestsellers in the sport, biography and crime genres. He is also the eponymous hero of the British feature film Cass (August 2008), based on his bestselling autobiography, about his turbulent life and character, constantly strengthened through adversity.

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