The Vegan Athlete's Cookbook :Protein-rich recipes to train, recover and perform

4.03 (36 Ratings by Goodreads)
The Vegan Athlete's Cookbook

The Vegan Athlete's Cookbook :Protein-rich recipes to train, recover and perform

4.03 (36 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 30 September, 2021
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Exciting, healthy and tasty vegan recipes with the nutrients you need to train, recover and perform. Whether you already live a vegan lifestyle, embrace a meat-free day each week or you simply want to try some amazing flavour combinations, The Vegan Athlete's Cookbook will help you create easy, nutrient-packed meals to support your training goals. With a focus on performance, every recipe has been created to provide a high level of nutrients that will fuel your body. All the main meal recipes supply at least 20 g of protein per serving, the optimal amount needed for muscle recovery. As well as delicious everyday recipes, cooking tips and photographs, the book also contains evidence-based advice on how to fuel your workouts and maximise your performance. It debunks vegan myths, demystifies sports nutrition and will help you gain the confidence to create delicious, nourishing meals that will boost your fitness.

Excellent * Publishers Weekly *
By pumping iron and flexing its flax, this uplifting volume is just the thing to keep athletes running. * Publishers Weekly *
Top cycling cookbook * Cycling Weekly *

Anita Bean is an award-winning registered nutritionist, internationally published author, and former British bodybuilding champion. She specialises in sport and exercise nutrition and is passionate about helping athletes improve their performance. She is the author of the best-selling The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, The Vegetarian Athlete's Cookbook and The Runner's Cookbook, among other titles. Anita has worked with London Marathon, RideLondon, Swim England and Good Housekeeping.

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