Undoctored + £5 Donation for the Lullaby Trust :Pre-order the brand-new book from the author of 'This Is Going To Hurt'

4.28 (265 Ratings by Goodreads)
Undoctored + £5 Donation for the Lullaby Trust

Undoctored + £5 Donation for the Lullaby Trust :Pre-order the brand-new book from the author of 'This Is Going To Hurt'

4.28 (265 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 15 September, 2022
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This book includes a £5 donation to the Lullaby Trust (registered charity no. 262191)
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Pre-order UNDOCTORED: The Story of a Medic Who Ran Out of Patients

This is Going to Hurt was the publishing phenomenon of the century, read by many millions, loved by at least fifty of them, and adapted into a major TV series. But it was only part of the story.

By turns hilarious, heartbreaking and humbling, Undoctored is about what happens when a doctor hangs up his scrubs, but medicine refuses to let go of him.

It's about an extraordinary medical school education.
It's about opening old wounds and examining the present-day scars.
It's about hospital admissions and personal ones.
It's about blowing up your life and stitching it back together.
It's about being a doctor and being a patient.
It's about 300 pages long.

Undoctored is Adam Kay's funniest and most moving book yet - an astonishing portrait of a life in and out of medicine, from one of Britain's finest storytellers.

Brilliant - even better than This is Going to Hurt * Jacqueline Wilson *
Very funny, very moving - Adam Kay has done it again, the talented c***. PS Sorry for swearing in this quote * Charlie Brooker *
Adam Kay is at the top of his game here. Even his footnotes are funnier than most comedians' best gags. But there is darkness here, too, and he handles it so well I had to lay the book aside until my heart was ready for the rest. * Ian Rankin *
Every bit as funny as the first one, every bit as powerful, surprising and unflinching * David Whitehouse *
I don't think anyone has made me laugh so much about the human body as Adam Kay, while simultaneously bestowing the gift of impotent rage at the state of the NHS * Reverend Richard Coles *
Spectacularly brilliant * Cathy Rentzenbrink *
A gaspingly honest, hilarious and heartbreaking book from one of Britain's funniest writers * Grace Dent *

ADAM KAY is an author, screenwriter and comedian. His books have sold over 3 million copies, have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity, have been translated into thirty-seven languages, and have won numerous awards. But he doesn't like to boast.

He lives in Oxfordshire with his dog and husband (two separate individuals).

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