Second Life: The Official Guide

Second Life: The Official Guide

by Michael Rymaszewski (Author), JimRossignol (Author), PaulCézanne (Author), WagnerJamesAu (Author), RichardPlatel (Author), Cory Ondrejka (Author), Benjamin Batstone - Cunningham (Author), SaraVanGorden (Author), JeannetteCézanne (Author), Aleks Krotoski (Author), Celebrity Trollop (Author)


In this fully revised and updated Second Edition, you'll discover the very latest information about living in Second Life-from how to enter the world, get started, and get around, to the many exciting new ways you can earn real-world incomes, meet other residents, and enjoy all there is to do. Authored by Second Life experts with contributions from Linden Lab employees and Second Life residents, it's the perfect companion for anyone who wants to create his or her own reality in Second Life. Includes a CD.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published: 18 Jan 2008

ISBN 10: 0470227753
ISBN 13: 9780470227756

Media Reviews
Although not a game in the strictest sense of the word, the increasingly popular virtual world of Second Life shares many commonalities with online gaming environments. Libraries interested in Second Life Library 2.0 (http: // and those serving populations active in virtual environments should pick up a copy of this official, thorough full-color guide. The book walks beginners through getting started in Second Life and customizing their avatars; tells them where to go, what to see, and how to define their virtual existence; and ends with a discussion of the future and impact of Second Life, Its CD contains textures, templates, Avimator animation software, sample animations, videos, and a code for exclusive in-world content. Recommended. ( Library Journal, January 15, 2007) . .. an excellent job of talking through the history of second life... ( Trusted Reviews, November 2006)
Author Bio
Michael Rymaszewski is an award-winning author of more than 20 computer books, including Second Life: The Official Guide. Wagner James Au is a journalist embedded in Second Life and runs the New World Notes blog. Cory Ondrejka is CTO of Linden Lab and created the Linden Scripting Language. Richard Platel has been a resident of Second Life and an LSL scripter since before the public beta in 2003. Sara Van Gorden has built hundreds of things and works for developer Electric Sheep. Jeannette Cezanne and Paul Cezanne run, a blog that reviews interesting Second Life places and activities. Benjamin Batstone-Cunningham helped start the Second Life Machinima community while working at Linden Lab. He recently founded Alt-Zoom Studios, a development agency in SL. Aleks Krotoski is a long-time Second Life resident who writes about emerging community experiences in virtual worlds. Celebrity Trollop runs Second Style Fashionista, a blog on Second Life fashion. Jim Rossignol is a writer and editor focused on digital culture.