Feminist Phenomenology Futures

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Feminist Phenomenology Futures

Feminist Phenomenology Futures

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Published: 9 October, 2017
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Distinguished feminist philosophers consider the future of their field and chart its political and ethical course in this forward-looking volume. Engaging with themes such as the historical trajectory of feminist phenomenology, ways of perceiving and making sense of the contemporary world, and the feminist body in health and ethics, these essays affirm the base of the discipline as well as open new theoretical spaces for work that bridges bioethics, social identity, physical ability, and the very nature and boundaries of the female body. Entanglements with thinkers such as Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Beauvoir, and Arendt are evident and reveal new directions for productive philosophical work. Grounded in the richness of the feminist philosophical tradition, this work represents a significant opening to the possible futures of feminist phenomenological research.

The authors of this compilation offer a phenomenological analysis that engages not only with previous works on feminist phenomenology, but also with works that have been challenged before by the feminist tradition, and with works that belong to other frameworks and disciplines. Anyone working on feminist theory, in general, will be greatly benefitted by exploring these works, and discussing their contributions.

* Phenomenological Reviews *

Helen A. Fielding is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies and Feminist Research at The University of Western Ontario. She edited (with Christina Schues and Dorothea Olkowski) Time in Feminist Phenomenology (IUP).

Dorothea Olkowski is Professor and former Chair of Philosophy at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and Director of the Cognitive Studies Program. She is author of Postmodern Philosophy and the Scientific Turn (IUP), The Universal (In the Realm of the Sensible), and Gilles Deleuze and the Ruin of Representation.

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