All Good People Here

All Good People Here

All Good People Here

Published: 18 August, 2022
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*A gripping debut thriller from the host of the #1 podcast CRIME JUNKIE*


If you liked I'LL BE GONE IN THE DARK and SHARP OBJECTS, you will love this!

"A stunning debut from a fresh new voice in the thriller space."
-Karin Slaughter

'This is the perfect gripping, twisty thriller for fans of cold crime cases' Cosmopolitan

What really happened to January Jacobs?

Twenty-five years ago, January Jacob's parents awoke to find their daughter's bed empty, a horrifying message spray-painted onto their wall. Hours later, January's body was found discarded in a ditch. Her murder was never solved. But the town remembers.

Journalist Margot Davies is tired of reporting meaningless stories. One night, she stumbles upon a clue in the most infamous crime in her hometown's history: the unsolved murder of six-year-old January.

As Margot digs deeper, she begins to suspect that there is something truly sinister lurking in the small community: a secret that endangers the lives of everyone involved...including Margot.

A gripping, twisty thriller for fans of cold crime cases - from the #1 CRIME JUNKIE podcast host Ashley Flowers.

'This is the perfect gripping, twisty thriller for fans of cold crime cases' Cosmopolitan

'Flowers has an encyclopaedic knowledge of true crime' People magazine

'A taut mystery, it tells the story of a journalist, Margot, who returns home to Indiana and ends up investigating two murders. The plot twists, broadly, around the idea that danger could lurk anywhere-a theme often referenced on Crime Junkie' Elle magazine

"This intricate, intriguing puzzler should surprise even those readers certain they know where the plot's heading' Publishers Weekly

'A perfectly plotted crime novel about the devastating effects of small town secrets and keeping up appearances' LAURE VAN RENSBERG, author of NOBODY BUT US

'Deftly interlocked strands of the story tantalisingly unravel as we are led to the original and unexpected conclusion. Taut and tense, a great read!' SAM HOLLAND, author of THE ECHO MAN

'A stunning thriller set over two timelines, where almost everyone is lying to each other and everyone has secrets. Compelling and unsettling reading - I raced through this.' CATHERINE COOPER, author of THE CHALET

'I loved ALL GOOD PEOPLE HERE. So, so gripping and twisty, I honestly couldn't put it down' LISA HALL, bestselling author of THE PARTY.

'An extremely gripping read. The epic twists and turns had me gasping out loud. I loved it' EMILIA HART, author of WEYWARD

'All Good People Here has enough twists and layers for three novels. Ashley Flowers has taken a premise familiar to true-crime fans and created a story that's compelling and psychologically rich, with an ending that's as unnerving as it is satisfying.'
LOU BERNEY, bestselling author of NOVEMBER ROAD

'Crime Junkie host Ashley Flowers has taken her love for mystery and put it into her first book' ET Canada

Ashley is the host of the #1 hit true-crime podcast Crime Junkie. Since first airing in 2017, Crime Junkie has quickly become one of the most popular podcasts (in all categories) available, and with over 34 million monthly listens and 10 million unique listeners each month, has established Ashley's status as a go-to source for those looking for a forensic fix. ALL GOOD PEOPLE HERE satisfies this craving with a wholly engrossing, edge-of-your-seat, can't-put-it-down mystery, with an ending you won't see coming. It will be published by Ballantine in the US in 2022.

Type Book
ISBN 9780008503109
Number Of Pages 320
Item Weight 480 g
Product Dimensions 159 x 240 x 28 mm
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Format Hardback