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Full of scandal and gossip, heartbreak and sorrow, success and accomplishment, the real-life stories of the famous and infamous have to be read to be believed. We have thousands of new and used memoirs, biographies, diaries and autobiographies just waiting to be read, all available at low prices and with free UK delivery, so whether you want to gain insight into the life of a fascinating historical figure, go behind the scenes and backstage with the film stars and musicians, or learn about the personal journey of a celebrity you admire, you’re sure to find something to educate, enlighten and entertain.

Sometimes reality surpasses fiction. These biographies and memoirs are proof of that. Discover the highs and lows of history alongside its protagonists, from movie stars like Stanley Tucci and Richard E. Grant, to political figures like Queen Elizabeth. Laugh out loud with comedians like Bob Mortimer or Billy Connolly, and find out what made musicians like Dave Grohl and Kate Bush the icons they’ve become. 

Fact is often harder to believe than fiction. Biographies and autobiographies offer us a tantalising glimpse into a world few of us will ever inhabit: the unending duty and ceremony of the royals, the intrigues and machinations of politicians, the exhilarating red carpet life of celebrities and the elite world of sports stars. 

Whether it’s the diaries of celebrities such as Michael Palin, which cover over thirty years and chart his life and career from the Monty Python years to his travels around the world, to Alastair Campbell’s thorough account of his time in Tony Blair’s government or Anne Frank’s heartbreakingly truncated diary, diaries reveal not only the important events of the time as they happen, but also the writer’s unique perspective on them, as they personally experience history in the making.

Autobiographies present celebrities with the opportunity to tell their story, the highs and lows of their careers, the turning points in their lives and the people who helped and inspired them along the way. Follow Barack Obama on his path to the White House, cheer on lioness Beth Mead as she achieves her goal of football glory, laugh and cry with Matthew Perry as he recounts his successes and struggles with addiction, and sing along with Bono as he shares his extraordinary life in music. 

The biographies of historical figures are often more wild, exciting and exhilarating than any fiction you could imagine. Andrew Roberts’ biography of Winston Churchill tells the amazing real-life story of a man who served on the front lines in World War I and went on to unite a nation against an implacable foe in World War II, while Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs reveals the inspiring story of a college drop-out who went on to found Apple, the world’s largest technology company.