Scanning Electron Microscope Optics and Spectrometer

Scanning Electron Microscope Optics and Spectrometer

by Anjam Khursheed (Author)


This book contains proposals to redesign the scanning electron microscope, so that it is more compatible with other charged particle beam instrumentation and analytical techniques commonly used in surface science research. It emphasizes the concepts underlying spectrometer designs in the scanning electron microscope, and spectrometers are discussed under one common framework so that their relative strengths and weaknesses can be more readily appreciated. This is done, for the most part, through simulations and derivations carried out by the author himself. The book is aimed at scientists, engineers and graduate students whose research area or study in some way involves the scanning electron microscope and/or charged particle spectrometers. It can be used both as an introduction to these subjects and as a guide to more advanced topics about scanning electron microscope redesign.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 416
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Published: 01 Nov 2009

ISBN 10: 9812836675
ISBN 13: 9789812836670