LINUX Start-up Guide: A self-contained introduction

LINUX Start-up Guide: A self-contained introduction

by Fred Hantelmann (Author), Antje Faber (Translator), RogerPook (Translator)


Preface The Linux Start-Up Guide has been written for both private and professional Linux users. Its purpose is to give a solid under- standing of the Unix-like operating system kernel and its-system commands. This book is intended for beginners, system administrators, and people who have worked with other systems. Experienced Unix and Linux users will still find it useful, as all main Linux features have been treated extensive, reducing the need to study other documentation. Without a doubt, it is not possible to give a comprehensive description of every typical Linux tool in just 300 pages. There- fore, I have concentrated on providing detailed and well struc- tured explanations of the fundamental Unix commands, the most important editors, network applications, and the X Window System. I also thought it important to give a general idea of the concepts underlying each topic and to mention the historic milestones that influenced the current state of development.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 344
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Springer
Published: 15 Aug 1997

ISBN 10: 354062676X
ISBN 13: 9783540626763
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