Transmission Electron Microscopy: Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectrometry

Transmission Electron Microscopy: Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectrometry

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This text is a companion volume to Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science by Williams and Carter. The aim is to extend the discussion of certain topics that are either rapidly changing at this time or that would benefit from more detailed discussion than space allowed in the primary text. World-renowned researchers have contributed chapters in their area of expertise, and the editors have carefully prepared these chapters to provide a uniform tone and treatment for this exciting material. The book features an unparalleled collection of color figures showcasing the quality and variety of chemical data that can be obtained from today's instruments, as well as key pitfalls to avoid. As with the previous TEM text, each chapter contains two sets of questions, one for self assessment and a second more suitable for homework assignments. Throughout the book, the style follows that of Williams & Carter even when the subject matter becomes challenging-the aim is always to make the topic understandable by first-year graduate students and others who are working in the field of Materials Science

Topics covered include sources, in-situ experiments, electron diffraction, Digital Micrograph, waves and holography, focal-series reconstruction and direct methods, STEM and tomography, energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) imaging, and spectrum imaging. The range and depth of material makes this companion volume essential reading for the budding microscopist and a key reference for practicing researchers using these and related techniques.

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I would highly recommend this `companion' volume for researchers and students of the materials and applied sciences; in fact, anybody using transmission electron microscopy in their research will extract many practical ideas ... . Because of the high quality of the photographic images, composite illustrations, and text presentations, I suggest that this book has a place on the shelf of any electron microscopy laboratory. ... The editors have put together a wonderful review volume that is well worth the read. (David C. Bell, Microscopy and Microanalysis, Vol. 24 (03), June, 2018)

Transmission Electron Microscopy, a Textbook for Materials Science, first published in 1996 with a second edition in 2009, is a comprehensive book on the subject, with a quite original approach. ... The book was carefully designed for teaching purposes and its phenomenal success shows that this was time well spent. (Peter Hawkes, Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 52, 2017)

C. Barry Carter is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Materials Science and a CINT Distinguished Affiliate Scientist. He teaches at UConn.
David B. Williams is the Monte Ahuja Endowed Dean's Chair, Executive Dean of The Professional Colleges and Dean of the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University.