Bitter EJB

Bitter EJB

by Bruce Tate (Author)


In Bitter EJB, Bruce Tate and his co-authors continue the entertaining and engaging writing style of relating true-life adventure sport experiences to antipattern themes established in Bruce's first book, the best selling Bitter Java.

This more advanced book explores antipatterns, or common traps, within the context of EJB technology.

EJB is experiencing the mixture of practical success and controversy that accompanies a new and quickly-changing framework. Bitter EJB takes the swirling EJB controversies head-on. It offers a practical approach to design: how to become a better programmer by studying problems and solutions to the most important problems surrounding the technology.

The flip side of design patterns, antipatterns, are a fun and interesting way to take EJB expertise to the next level. The book covers many different aspects of EJB, from transactions to persistence to messaging, as well as performance and testing.

Bitter EJB will teach programmers to do the following:

  • Identify EJB persistence strategies
  • Choose Entity bean alternatives
  • Use EJB message driven beans
  • Know when to apply or avoid stateful session beans
  • Create efficient build strategies with XDoclet, Ant and JUnit
  • Automate performance tuning


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 350
Edition: 1
Publisher: Manning Publications
Published: 12 Jun 2003

ISBN 10: 1930110952
ISBN 13: 9781930110953

Author Bio

Bruce Tate is a consultant and frequent conference speaker who promotes and teaches effective Java design. Mike Clark, president of Clarkware Consulting, helps teams build better software faster. Bob Lee is an independent consultant and open source developer. Patrick Linskey is the VP Engineering for SolarMetric, which offers Java persistence alternatives to the Java community.