Those with Webbed Feet :All about British Ducks, Geese and Swans

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Those with Webbed Feet

Those with Webbed Feet :All about British Ducks, Geese and Swans

0.00 (0 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 14 August, 2017
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An informative, entertaining and educational guide to the British ducks, geese and swans, covering 34 species of birds. It has been designed to enthuse and encourage young readers but is equally appealing to anyone with a new interest in birds, especially waterfowl.

The main aim of 'Those with Webbed Feet' is to introduce waterfowl to youngsters in their teens. It is bright and cheerful and easily competes with digital media, as a delightful thing to have in the hand. I can see this becoming a firm favourite to bring generations together over a shared interest. Along with essential information to understand and identify each species, the book's characterful and animated style is complemented by lots of Fun Facts, quiz questions and hand-drawn illustrations... We concur. It is a cracker and we look forward to more from Edward Giles. --British Waterfowl Association; This is a delightful book aimed principally at younger readers who have an interest in either watching or keeping waterfowl... Those With Webbed Feet is a good starting point for those with little or no prior knowledge of waterfowl either in the wild or in domestic collections. The material provided is informative and relevant throughout and offers the reader a good basic understanding of the habits and habitats of waterfowl to be found in the UK. - Dr Alan Woollhead, The Biologist --Dr Alan Woolhead, The Biologist; This really quirky book ... is a fact-filled treasure trove which asks to be dipped into or read cover to cover. I really like the style of the book with short notes about distribution, behaviour, habitat, voice, breeding and key facts for the main species. The notes are presented in a user-friendly way that should appeal to all ages. Edward's illustrations are gems in themselves. --Dr Nick Carter, Former Director of Development at BTO

I have ever been excited about anything feathered, particularly those with webbed feet! By the age of thirteen, I was lucky enough to start a collection of waterfowl at my family home in Shropshire. Eight years later, after graduating from university and having learnt so much about these charismatic birds, I was eager to write a book to enthuse and encourage any novice waterfowl enthusiast, both young and old! Early on I wasn't sure where to start, so I turned to the WWT (Wildfowl Wetlands Trust) for advice, with whom I had been working alongside during the management of my own collection as well as volunteering throughout university. Over the past 4 years I have also been quite active fundraising through running marathons to support global reaching projects, including Mission Madagascar to reintroduce the endemic Pochard and research for the intrepid migratory Greenland White-fronted goose. At present I reside in north Norfolk and work full time as a packaging buyer for a leading UK food company. Given the focus on plastics reduction, pollution prevention and the search for alternatives, this takes an exemplified role in my profession. Finding an environmentally & commercially sustainable replacement is without doubt a challenge, but one I thrive on! My ambition is to continue further fundraising initiatives, raising awareness of nature's importance to our planet and educating the next generation through my authorship endeavours.

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