The Rock and Roll Times Music Industry Guide: The 10 A and R Commandments Bands Need to Know

The Rock and Roll Times Music Industry Guide: The 10 A and R Commandments Bands Need to Know

by WillBeattie (Author)


The Rock and Roll Times Music Industry Guide is a new book aimed, designed and written to inspire, educate and give insight to new and old bands, musicians and labels alike, who wish to create or further their career in the music industry. By learning exactly how the music industry works, they can then implement the same structure into building their public profile, fan-base, record and merchandise sales - as well as increasing touring opportunities. The book covers in detail what A&R really think and how you should and shouldn't approach them; to what a music publisher does and why you will need a manager. Want to know how to get your music on iTunes and into 2000 shops across America? Then the chapter on distribution is for you. From Merchandise to CD manufacturing, how to build your own press team to setting up a record label and touring, The Rock and Roll Times will give you insights and guidance on all of the following chapters: 1. A&R 2. PUBLISHING 3. MANAGEMENT 4. MUSIC AGENT 5. PROMOTERS 6. MUSIC LAW AND LEGAL ADVICE 7. THE BAND 8. SONGWRITING 9. REHEARSALS 10. THE STUDIO 11. WEBSITES 12. GIGGING AND TOURING 13. CD PRESSING 14. DISTRIBUTION 15. MERCH 16. MAKING A VIDEO 17. SETTING UP A RECORD LABEL 18. SETTING UP A FESTIVAL 19. ACCOUNTING 20. SEEKING FUNDING 21. MUSIC COLLECTION SOCIETIES 22. MUSIC INDUSTRY EVENTS 23. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK 24. REFERENCE MATERIALS The digital revolution in technology has changed the face of music forever. This change redefines how bands are sought, signed and delivered to the marketplace. Bands will still chase record deals and A&R personnel will mostly still say no. Increasingly, bands are having to reach a certain stage of development before a record label will take a look. It's a well-documented fact that most bands will never sign that elusive record deal. With an estimated 3 million bands on the Internet that's a lot of music flying around cyber space aimlessly. Does that mean musicians cannot forge a career in music? Nope. Does it mean, as the music industry goes through its biggest ever shift in how it does business, that bands can set up their shop? Yep. So how do they do that? Simple. It's called organisation. The digital platform is the single biggest revolution to enter the musician's arena. Cost has always been the single biggest prohibitive factor facing any artist. With digital technology, that cost diminished and opened up a whole new way a musician could do business. And that's the key. The music industry is a business. Whilst bands can create a platform to sell their music, they still need an infrastructure around them to capitalise on and grow. The Rock and Roll Times aim is to show those bands how they can do it for themselves. From recording their CD, to PRS and Publishing, to getting a Manager, Touring, Press and Publicity, Merchandise, how to set up their own Record Label amongst other chapters on all aspects of the music industry, the book's sole aim is to get bands into thinking they have more power than they realise, more opportunities to reach a wider audience and the chance to make a living from the one thing they love: Music. This book will show each band that instead of chasing ghosts, they can manifest a reality, build their temple, and show the world who they are. We are looking at the creation of thousands of record labels being born. That's the future of the music industry. It's in the hands of the new bands emerging from the streets. The days where bands rely on traditional record labels are gone. It's one of the greatest times in history for bands to create, sell and perform their music. The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible aims to show you how.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: Spring Hill
Published: 17 Sep 2007

ISBN 10: 1905862105
ISBN 13: 9781905862108