The Knights of the Holy Grail: The Secret History of the Knights Templar

The Knights of the Holy Grail: The Secret History of the Knights Templar

by TimWallace-Murphy (Author)


Interest in this subject has never been greater, but who were the Knights Templar. The order was founded early in the twelfth century to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land by the Rex Deus families, who claimed to trace their bloodline directly from Jesus Christ. The Knights Templar had their own agenda and rose to power despite not conforming to the beliefs of the established Church of the time. Tim Wallace-Murphy explains the heretical spiritual beliefs of the Knights Templar and the Rex Deus families and examines their role in the loss of the Holy Land. He charts their achievements in a remarkable range of endeavours, from building castles and cathedrals to laying the foundations of the modern marketplace. He also uncovers the links between the Rex Deus families and the creation and propagation of the Grail sagas and, later, the foundation of the secret society of Freemasonry.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Published: 04 Oct 2007

ISBN 10: 1905857225
ISBN 13: 9781905857227

Author Bio
Tim Wallace-Murphy is an author, lecturer, and historian. He has written several bestsellers including Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail and Cracking the Symnbol Code.