Birdsong (National Trust Art & Illustration)

Birdsong (National Trust Art & Illustration)

4.42 (26 Ratings by Goodreads)
ISBN13: 9781905400973

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  • Beautiful bird illustrations by Madeleine Floyd
  • Details of the wonderful songs and sounds of our birds
  • A celebration of our feathered creatures and their songs for all bird lovers

A celebration of British birds and their songs, from the sought-after artist Madeleine Floyd. Some 50 of her exquisite drawings of birds, along with their specific eggs are captured here for fans of her work and wildlife enthusiasts. It includes details of the songs and sounds made by each of the birds, from sparrows, tits, to the lyrical nightingale. The latter has up to 250 different phrases in his song and each performance is made up of a unique composition.

The art of Madeleine Floyd is beautifully presented in this gem of a book and should delight all bird lovers.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 128
Item Height 152 mm
Item Width 20 mm
Item Weight 294 Gram
Product Dimensions 20 x 152 x 127
Publisher National Trust
Format Hardcover | 128

Madeleine Floyd is one of Britain's best-loved artists. She works from her studio in London and is widely commissioned around the world. Madeleine's creative talent is one of remarkable depth and diversity. She paints, she draws, she writes and she illustrates. This versatility allows Madeleine to produce hugely successful exhibitions, write and illustrate her own books. She has a particular passion for wildlife.