Souls Don't Lie: A True Story of Past Lives

Souls Don't Lie: A True Story of Past Lives

by JennySmedley (Author)


Do we really have past lives? At one level, this is a thrilling romance adventure from the 17th century. But it's also true. Jenny Smedley's life was changed the second she recognized a past life soulmate in American country music singer, Garth Brooks. Under hypnosis, she began to recall the life they shared together as Madeleine and Ryan Fitzgerald in the 1600s. Memories came tumbling back, and she wrote this astonishing tale of love, sacrifice, murder, death and renewal. She later found many points of confirmation of her story. That moment of recognition also changed Jenny's present life. From a depressed, overweight, suicidal woman she became a successful song writer, author, radio celebrity, newspaper columnist and TV presenter. Knowing our past lives is key to understanding our present one, and Jenny's story can inspire you to change your own life in the same way.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: O Books
Published: 09 Nov 2006

ISBN 10: 1905047835
ISBN 13: 9781905047833

Media Reviews
A dramatic account of the author's past life that is both fascinating and thought provoking. I highly recommend it. (Dr Bruce Goldberg, author of Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed). The insights in this book are more than simply helpful. Souls Don't Lie helps readers know that our past life experiences are real, and the libraries of stored information are only our own soul experience of expression, healing and purpose. (Gary Quinn, author of Living in the Spiritual Zone) This book gives enlightening insight into past lives and how they can change and enhance your future. Whether you believe in past lives or not, it's a fascinating read. I found every page exciting and exhilarating. Must reading. (Uri Geller) Her story illustrates beautifully how present day traumas and difficult feelings are rooted in our long, long ago past. Souls Don't Lie is a testament to the greater knowing that each and everyone of us has at our disposal, if we choose to use it. (Vicky York, Past Life Regressionist) A revealing, deeply personal exploration of a remarkable woman's journey through the darkness and out into the light. (Amy Oscar, Publisher, As If Magazine) People often go on about past lives they believe they've had, but rarely has anyone explained so eloquently and succinctly the art and science of using past-life regression to heal the life you're living now - a fascinating and recommended read. (Barefoot Doctor, healer and author.)
Author Bio
Jenny writes for six international magazines (past lives, regression, angels and remote auras). She has spoken on past lives on 350 radio stations, mostly in the USA, but also in places as diverse as Iceland and Tasmania, been featured in press all over the world. She has featured on 21 TV shows in the UK and 6 in the USA, and has had her own spiritual chat show on local RSL TV station, Taunton TV, daily for 2 years. She is a firm believer in a non-religious approach to life. She has also published Past Life Angels (O Books, 2004). Souls Don't Lie is a re-write of a title first published as Ripples (Capall Bann 1861631561)