Ecology Begins at Home: Using the Power of Choice

Ecology Begins at Home: Using the Power of Choice

ISBN13: 9781903998458
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There are many books which explain the enormous environmental challenges we face today, and others which list the thousand and one things we can do to improve our environment, such as recycling, saving energy and growing our own food. The task can seem overwhelming, and the effect can be disempowering. Archie Duncansonis book is different. It shows how one man looked around him and saw what he could do to reduce his personal ecological footprint. Using the power of choice, he is making his contribution to the environmental effort and inspiring others to do the same. On the basis that you only need to take one step to make a difference, Archie takes you on the first stage of his journey towards a more environmentally friendly home and an easier conscience. With delightful illustrations, and packed full of simple ideas to reduce the ecological impact of your daily life, Ecology Begins at Home is an inspiration for adults and children alike.

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'This is definitely the best book yet on how to green your lifestyle.' - Permaculture Magazine

Archie Duncanson trained as a mechanical engineer, and after twenty years in industry moved into teaching, translating and writing. He self-published the first edition of Ecology Begins at Home in 1989, giving many talks on the subject over a number of years. Now living in Stockholm, he is an avid gardener who loves to be outdoors.