And Then There Were Three: Diary of a Truly Single Father

And Then There Were Three: Diary of a Truly Single Father

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Lars, Piers and Ian are exceptional triplet brothers, whose life is an unplifting modern story. They live in England, but have two American mothers who helped conceive them for their single father, Ian. Using his diaries, Ian describes how copes with the enjoyable and at times stressful task of being a father to three children instead of the one he expected. Always one hand short, he wittily describes their daily life, full of the love and bickering among the triplets, and how life led his decision to create a family of his own. Now five years old, the boys have just started school and made their first trip abroad - to meet their two American mothers for the first time and see how they came to be born.

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'Daddy cool...' The Sun 'A Delightful read...' TES 'Fascinating' The Observer 'An astonishing new book.' Richard & Judy 'Moving.' Fern Britton and Philip Scofield

Ian Mucklejohn is an English teacher, a gifted diarist and Britain's first truly single father of triplet sons. He and his triplet sons currently live in Newbury. This is his first book.