And Then There Were Three: The Exceptional Story of a Remarkable Surrogacy Family

And Then There Were Three: The Exceptional Story of a Remarkable Surrogacy Family

by EstherRantzen (Foreword), IanMucklejohn (Author)


Frank and insightful, And Then There Were Three tells the extraordinary story of Ian Mucklejohn and his unusual family in his own words. A long-term carer for his disabled father and mother, and the founder of a successful language school, Ian's life was full. But feeling that he was not satisfied, he contacted a surrogacy agency in the US. Ian recounts the struggle of the surrogacy procedure, the suspense of waiting, and the surprise of discovering he was to be the father of triplet boys. But the triplets' premature delivery by Caesarean section in a US hospital was only the beginning of his change of life. Struggling with inscrutable Home Office procedures while trying to establish the boys in the UK, Ian found himself with an even greater problem: the media. Once his story was made public the reactions poured in. He describes the astonishing attention generated by every detail of the triplets' first months - reporters pay a taxi driver 500 pounds to reveal the location of the triplets' Christening, while all the presents from 200 well-wishers on the boys' first Christmas take three days to open. Mediating between nannies and letters from the Home Office, Ian tries to get on with the business of raising a family. Against the media backdrop he gives a glimpse of single-parent life with three small boys preparing for their school years and growing up fast - a juxtaposition both groundbreaking and touchingly personal.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 222
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Gibson Square Books Ltd
Published: 07 Mar 2005

ISBN 10: 1903933552
ISBN 13: 9781903933558

Author Bio
Ian Mucklejohn, is a Fellow of and former teacher at the Royal Society of Arts. He now runs his own business, a highly successful English-language school for foreigners. A factual and funny journalist, Esther Rantzen is one of the best-known faces on British television.