In the Light of Meditation: A Guide to Meditation and Spiritual Development

In the Light of Meditation: A Guide to Meditation and Spiritual Development

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An introduction to the art and practice of meditation, this guide lays down the foundation for ongoing spiritual development. A series of ten lessons provide specific insight into Raja Yoga, with practical exercises to complement and to help your understanding of the method and underlying teachings. The lessons cover: an introduction to the practice of meditation; rediscovering the true identity and the nature of self; making meditation practical; the shaping of personality; understanding and exploring different the levels of consciousness; restoring our relationship with God; understanding the natural law that governs the universe; a spiritual understanding of how the dance of life on earth has evolved; understanding the history and geography of time; and how to support meditation and spiritual development with the right lifestyle. The guide shows how meditation is more an experience than something you do, more a process than an achievement, more an ongoing inner journey than a destination. Take your time, be patient with yourself and always be ready to go back to basics, to lesson one, the true identity of the self, which is the foundation of everything. The CD accompanying the book has an audio introduction to meditation and many of the meditations within the book are presented as guided commentaries. Recorded by the author, the commentaries provide the reader with a powerful aid to their meditational practice. Readers can also access assistance and have their questions answered by email.

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A classy book. A gentle yet satisfying pace and is beautifully illustrated. Complete with a CD or guided meditation commentaries, this is a true gem among meditation guides. Brainwave An in-depth approach which is accessible and clearly written, full of graphics and colour illustrations, demonstrating that age-old teachings are contemporary and relevant. This book provides a convincing map of the overall territory as well as a practical path for the journey. The Light

Mike George is a spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and retreat leader, based in London. He works with people in companies and communities world-wide helping them to be happier within themselves and more effective in all that they do. He brings together the three key stands of this millennium - spiritual/emotional intelligence, leadership/management development and continuous learning. He has previously authored Discover Inner Peace (Duncan Baird) 1900131781, Learn to Relax (Michell Beazley) 1840000120 and The 7 AHA!s (O Books 1 903816 31 9.)