Reforming Britain: New Labour, New Constitution

Reforming Britain: New Labour, New Constitution

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New Labour's shake-up of the British constitution is the most significant for at least a century; devolution and the Human Rights Act will permanently alter the way the UK is governed. Meanwhile other key areas of government, such as the office of Lord Chancellor, have escaped unscathed, and critics say the reforms are incoherent. Unique in its topicality, range and depth, Reforming Britain is the only full survey of the whole constitutional reform agenda under the New Labour government. It describes how Labour has redrawn the political map and assesses the impact upon citizens in Blair's Britain. John Morrison puts Labour's achievements (and underachievements) in perspective, chronicling the ups and downs of Labour policymaking, from the opening of the Scottish Parliament to the dramatic fall of Alun Michael in Cardiff. He explains the reasoning behind reform and looks at what the future might hold for us all, asking whether Blair's modernization of the constitution will really make Britain more democratic.He also looks at the government's attitude to the monarchy and asks how the United Kingdom can take part in framing a new constitution for the European Union when it has no written constitution of its own. Reforming Britain is based on over 50 hours of interviews with the key political players of the last few years, including Home Secretary Jack Straw and the former Liberal Democrat Leader Paddy Ashdown, and features one of the last interviews with Donald Dewar - the architect of modern Scotland - before his death. The book combines serious research with first-hand observation and an engaging journalistic style, and includes a foreword from Michael Brunson, former ITN Political Editor. John Morrison delves deep into the heart of British politics, shedding unusual light on the workings of Westminster at a time of unprecedented change.

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Blair's inheritance of the John Smith agenda appeared to offer hopes of constitutional change. In practice, radical ideas gradually mutated, and Morrison demonstrates effectively how devolution, House of Lords reform, electoral reform, as well as changes in the areas of human rights, the role of Parliament, the judiciary and citizenship all affected outcomes. - Parliamentary Affairs, OUP, April 2002 John Morrison has put together a fascinating tour around the changing landscape of British government. If you want a readable guide to what the Blair Government has been doing to the constitution, you need look no further. - Dr Tony Wright, MP, chairman of the House of Commons Select Committee on Public Administration Constitutional reform is the under-reported story of Tony Blair's first term and it's changing the way we live as citizens... John Morrison brings just the right mix of insider knowledge and cool detachment to Britain's constitutional rebirth... if they read this book Britain's politicians just might make a better job of completing reform. - Adam Boulton, Political Editor, Sky News John Morrison is the Hercule Poirot of the British constitution. He interviews all the key players, explains the mysteries, and writes a vivid account of the changes New Labour has introduced. It is a balanced and expert account; but, above all, he makes constitutional reform interesting. - Professor Robert Hazell, Director of The Constitution Unite, University College London John Morrison has tracked the political course of constitutional change in Britain since 1997 with care and judicious balance... An evolving contemporary account of how the actors in this quiet revolution have wrestled over the reforms, Morrison's book helps to reveal the forces which will determine the outcome. - Robert Maclennan, MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Constitutional Affairs Reforming Britain is essential reading for every politician, academic and journalist who needs to know exactly how New Labour took on the Establishment and launched what the Prime Minister has described as his 'permanent revolution'. - Trevor Kavanagh, Political Editor of The Sun.

John Morrison studied Modern Languages at Oxford and joined Reuters as a journalist in 1971. His career as a foreign correspondent took him to the Soviet Union, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Southern Africa and post-communist Russia and Ukraine. He spent 1990-91 as a Fellow of the Russian Research Center at Harvard University and wrote Boris Yeltsin: From Bolshevik to Democrat, the first biography of the Russian Leader in any language. From 1997-99 he was Chief Political Correspondent for Reuters at Westminster. He is now a freelance author and lives in Kent.