Halo 3 Official Guide: The Official Guide

Halo 3 Official Guide: The Official Guide

by PiggybackAuthors (Author)


This 214-page guide brings you detailed advice direct from the Bungie studios in Kirkland, U.S.A. It covers "Campaign" in all difficulty modes including Legendary, making the complex features of the game available to all readers. "Campaign" pages are enhanced and magnified by detailed level maps showing where all enemies, weapons, consumables and vehicles can be found. In addition to revealing precise, advanced tactics for every situation including Co-op mode, this guide presents all Multiplayer maps and outlines devious strategies for Multiplayer gaming on Xbox LIVE. This book is the must-have merchandise for all new-comers and seasoned Halo gamers.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Published: 27 Sep 2007

ISBN 10: 1903511038
ISBN 13: 9781903511039