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The Intergalactic Kitchen

The Intergalactic Kitchen

The Intergalactic Kitchen

ISBN13: 9781903015124
Published Date: 4 October, 2001

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The Bird family live in the grounds of BONC - the National Bureau of Clever Experts, where some very odd experiments go on. Mr Bird installs a safety and protection system to take care of his family. When Mrs Bird inadvertently activates the system, the kitchen takes off into space with Mrs Bird and the children it it. After a series of adventures, Mr Bird joins them in space, having put the garden shed into orbit to do so, and together they deal with a succession of aliens and space monsters. An entertaining, wry, humorous romp, illustrated by the author in comic form.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 80
Item Weight 100 Gram
Product Dimensions 128 x 10 x 190
Publisher Barn Owl Books
Format Paperback | 80

Frank Rodgers is one of Scotland's leading authors and illustrators -- he has written over 50 books for children. Frank has a very wide range having written how-to-draw books, picture books, picture story books, story books, and even novels for older children. In addition to all his books, he also writes for radio and television, and has had two stage musicals performed.