The Digital Colour Printing Handbook: Getting Better Colour from Your Photographs

The Digital Colour Printing Handbook: Getting Better Colour from Your Photographs

by TimDaly (Author)


Recent advances in colour management tools and inkjet printers have enabled photographers to get amazing, predictable looking prints. This book shows them how to go about the crucial process of colour managing their workflow. With no-nonsense instructions for setting up your camera, monitor, scanner, software and printer, it is both a handy reference work and a creative companion. Highlighting the answers to the most frequently asked questions, Tim Daly offers clear, jargon-free advice on all stages of image capture, scanning, processing and print out. He shows how to use a range of tools for effective troubleshooting when things go wrong, how to handle both simple and complex projects and how to understand the limitations of each process and combine them effectively. Illustrated throughout with the author's own stunning photographs, this book will enable photographers to get the best out of their equipment while remaining in full control at every stage. It assumes no prior knowledge and is designed for use with all recent versions of Photoshop and generic inkjet printer software.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 156
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Argentum
Published: 26 Jul 2005

ISBN 10: 1902538390
ISBN 13: 9781902538396

Author Bio
Tim Daly is author of several books for Argentum, including The Digital Printing Handbook, Creating Exhibition-Quality Digital Prints and The Digital Colour Printing Handbook. He writes regularly for magazines including AG, Black and White Photography and Better Digital Photography. He teaches photography at the University of Chester in England and also manages, the online imaging learning centre.