Atlantis: The Andes Solution

Atlantis: The Andes Solution

by JimM.Allen (Author)


The ancient city of Atlantis was lost after being devastated by floods and earthquakes about 9000BC according to Plato. He wrote of its magnificence and described its geographical location in great detail. Over the centuries many theories have grown up regarding its precise location. Jim Allen, a former aerial intelligence interpreter for the RAF, made a discovery. He located a site on the Altoplano in what is now modern Bolivia, where he has found the remains of the canal system described by Plato. Plato's description of an island city on a plain encircled by mountains fits the Altiplano like a glove. Furthermore the fabled city was set on a lake and plated in gold, silver, bronze, tin and a mysterious metal called orichalcum - all those metals are only found together in great profusion in Bolivia. Recent archaeological finds such as the Cocaine Mummies of Eygpt have strengthened the idea that ancient links existed between South America and Egypt which is where he the author believes the survivors of Atlantis fled after its destruction.


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