The Picts

The Picts

by Anna Ritchie (Author)


The Picts were a sophisticated and powerful people who dominated much of what is now Scotland for hundreds of years, before uniting with the Gaels to form the nation of Alba (later Scotland). Their language has all but disappeared, but their cultural heritage survives, above all in the form of hundreds of incised and carved stones, many marked with their distinctive symbols. Pictish symbols have provoked much curiosity and prompted many interpretations, some more fanciful than others. They are still the subject of debate among experts. This extensively illustrated book explores all the available information on the Picts in an appealing, accessible and authoritative way. It also includes full guides to the important collections of Pictish carved stones at St Vigeans in Angus and Meigle in Perth & Kinross.


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Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Historic Scotland
Published: 01 Jan 1989

ISBN 10: 1900168782
ISBN 13: 9781900168786