Contraction and Convergence: The Global Solution to Climate Change (Schumacher Briefings)

Contraction and Convergence: The Global Solution to Climate Change (Schumacher Briefings)

by Aubrey Meyer (Author)


This Briefing explains the origins of the climate crisis and describes some of the dangerous trends created by global warming. The global policy framework of 'Contraction & Convergence' (C&C) described was created and introduced to the United Nations in the 1990s by the Global Commons Institute (GCI) to avert these trends. Based on the thesis of 'Equity & Survival', C&C seeks to ensure future prosperity and choice by applying the global rationale of precaution, equity and efficiency in that order. C&C has become the most widely cited and arguably the most widely supported framework proposal in the global debate on what to do about climate change.


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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Green Books
Published: Dec 2000

ISBN 10: 1870098943
ISBN 13: 9781870098946

Media Reviews
Man-made climate change is probably the most serious environmental threat we face. This book offers useful and interesting ideas exploring the concept of Contraction & Convergence as one way to address the global climate challenge. -- Michael Meacher, the first UK Environment Minister
Author Bio
Aubrey Meyer was born in Bradford and grew up in South Africa. He first studied music, which lead to a very successful orchestral career, including playing Viola in the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the 1980s. It was while searching for a subject for a musical that he was inspired to join the UK Green Party and then to co-found the Global Commons Institute (GCI) in London. He is a contributor to Feasta - the Dublin-based foundation for the economics of sustainability.