Long Ride for a Pie

Long Ride for a Pie

by TimMulliner (Author)


AA cyclist's epic, world-crossing road trip is presented from the perspective of a base culinary urge. What is it about New Zealand that most expats and travellers miss most? Beautiful clean beaches? The majestic Southern Alps? Mum? For Tim Mulliner, after nearly four years of working in Britain, it was the experience of sinking his teeth into a proper Kiwi pie - of the sort '...that melted in your mouth and left tiny flakes of pastry stuck to your lips, a small shower of crumbs on your shirt, and a nice warm, satisfied feeling in the stomach'. So Tim jumped on his 27-speed bike to head across western Europe, eastern Europe, Turkey, India, Iran, Pakistan, Tibet, China, South-East Asia and Australia, and finally home to New Zealand. Along the way he collected a series of unforgettable memories and utterly beautiful images.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 250
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd
Published: 01 Apr 2006

ISBN 10: 1869661354
ISBN 13: 9781869661359

Author Bio
Tim Mulliner - who has been eating pies since he had teeth - grew up in Tauranga and soon caught the travel bug. Since first heading abroad at 18 he has visited over 40 countries in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, including extensive cycle tours throughout Europe, New Zealand and Canada. He supported his travelling by working in a variety of diverse occupations from lawnmower man and bike mechanic to database developer and financial/systems analyst. Tim is based in Dunedin studying towards a Masters in Environmental Science at Otago University. He is a keen cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.