The Countryside Companion (Companions Series)

The Countryside Companion (Companions Series)

by Malcolm Tait (Author), OliveTayler (Author)


Greenery; peace; nature; farming; rolling hills: these and many other cosy concepts are what many of us think of when we consider the countryside. All very true, yet there are so many amazing stories, anecdotes, facts and truths behind the chocolate box image, as this book reveals. From dry stone walling to wet-my-lips, from milking stools to crofters tools, `The Countryside Companion' opens the lid on the entire rural scene, past and present.

`The Countryside Companion' doesn't just contain fascinating snippets of information; it also offers extracts from some of the finest writing on the subject, from Richard Mabey to `Richard III', Thomas Hardy to Laurie Lee. And like all other books in the Companion series, there's a great piece of statistical trivia to match each page number.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Robson Books Ltd
Published: 29 Sep 2005

ISBN 10: 1861059183
ISBN 13: 9781861059185
Book Overview: Rolling pastures...endless peace: these and other cozy images are what come to mind when we think about the countryside. All very true, yet there exist so many surprising nuggets of information on the subject. From dry stone walls to sheep dip, here's the rural scene, past and present.

Author Bio
Malcolm Tait and Olive Tayler are the authors of 'The Birdwatcher's Companion (1861058330) and 'The Wildlife Companion' (1861057709).