New Zealand ("Sunday Times" Working & Living)

New Zealand ("Sunday Times" Working & Living)

ISBN13: 9781860112034
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Uncovers the best places for you to move to, from Christchurch to Wellington; gives specialist advice on dealing with red tape, from gaining visas and work permits to buying a property and moving in; guides you through the settling in process, from education and healthcare to cellular phone services and banking; puts New Zealand into context with details on its political, economic and religious situation, and social behaviour; helps with the challenges of finding a job, both working for other people and setting up your own business.

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Publisher Cadogan Guides
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'Bursting with practical information and in-depth knowledge, Cadogan Guides also make a cracking good read' - The Times

Georgina Palffy worked as an editor for Cadogan Guides, a political and media analyst for an intelligence organisation, a foreign affairs journalist at the Guardian and Daily Telegraph newspapers and an art reviewer for a London listings magazine. Since moving to New Zealand in 2002, she and her family have been living 100 yards from the beach in Napier.