Pinochet and Me: A Chilean Anti-memoir

Pinochet and Me: A Chilean Anti-memoir

by Marc Cooper (Author)


Marc Cooper was a translator working for the Chilean President when Allende was overthrown by Augusto Pinochet in 1973. in this brief, compelling memoir he recalls his escape from the tightening grip of the junta and his subsequent return visits to a country that is still groping towards democratic recovery.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Verso Books
Published: 08 May 2002

ISBN 10: 1859843603
ISBN 13: 9781859843604

Media Reviews
Tragic, suspenseful and filled with the tiny personal details that bring history to life ... -- LA Weekly Cooper's judicious prose issues forth from the lime-sprinkled sinkhole of Chile's collective amnesia, attempting to construct a beseiged and busted-out past. The author sets a defiant language against the obliterating shadow cast by Pinochet's regime; he strugggles to breathe remembrance into a decades-long nightmare of civilian death, imprisonment, and exile. -- Village Voice Pinochet and Me provides a passionate first-hand chronicle of Chile's transformation from socialist democracy to brutal, militaristic regime to problematic poster nation for free-market capitalism. - Mother Jones Cooper wastes no time in nailing the lie - still propagated by Pinochet's apologists - that Allende's regime lacked democratic legitimacy, that torture and assassinations were 'a price worth paying' for economic stability. - The Times Literary Supplement Rarely does one find a book that is simultaneously so gripping, politically insightful and thouroughly humane in spirit... [Pinochet and Me is] unforgettable. - Shepherd Express, Milwaukee
Author Bio
Marc Cooper's journalism has appeared in publications that include The New Yorker, Harper's and Rolling Stone. He is currently a contributing editor of The Nation magazine as well as host of the nationally syndicated Radio Nation. He is the author of Roll Over Che Guevara: Travels of a Radical Reporter.