Toilets of the World

Toilets of the World

by SianJames (Author), Morna E . Gregory (Author)


Powder room, comfort station, privy, loo, dunny...the infinite variety of names we invent for this universal necessity, the toilet, is matched by an extraordinary variety of designs worldwide, from miniature log cabins in the Canadian wilderness to state-of-the-art cubicles in Japan, and from huts on stilts in the Caribbean to solar-powered sanitary ware in New Zealand. This light-hearted but highly informative photographic journey reveals the idiosyncrasy and inventiveness that characterize the construction of the humble toilet around the globe. Along the way, the reader encounters every possible permutation, from the traditional English 'thunderbox' to the Swazi thatched 'beehive' hut, and discovers the fascinating cultural and historical differences that can make our travels to other countries so enjoyable.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: 1
Publisher: Merrell Publishers Ltd
Published: 12 Oct 2006

ISBN 10: 185894337X
ISBN 13: 9781858943374