Finding God is in the Darkness

Finding God is in the Darkness

3.67 (3 Ratings by Goodreads)
Mass Market Paperback
ISBN13: 9781857921212

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In over thirty engagingly written and illustrated pieces Peter Jeffery applies the good news of the Christian faith and teaching in a way you and others will love reading about it. These tracts are supplied on three formats PDFs US letter size for folding and UK A4 size for folding and as HTML text so you can load them on your website. Purchase of this CD licenses you or your church or your Christian organization to print and distribute as many of these tracts as you wish and to publish and circulate them electronically by email or on the world wide web.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 192
Item Height 10 mm
Item Width 108 mm
Item Weight 122 Gram
Product Dimensions 108 x 10 x 174
Publisher Christian Focus
Format Mass Market Paperback | 192