Management Masterclass: Practical Guide to the New Realities of Business

Management Masterclass: Practical Guide to the New Realities of Business

by NeilM.Glass (Author)


From personal skills to managing change, from organizational design to encouraging creativity, from strategy development to leading-edge ideas, the demands being put on managers today are very different from those of ten, or even five years ago. Rigid, restrictive, traditional hierarchies are constantly being overtaken by new faster, more flexible team and network-based organizations. Huge fixed assets and cash in the bank have turned out to no longer be a guarantee of success as nimble, learning companies have comfortably sped past seemingly accident-prone larger rivals. And focusing on the customer has become the critical issue for the whole organization - not just for marketing and sales. This guide encourages managers to move away from old-fashioned control and start thinking towards building flexiblity, networking and learning - in short, towards breathing new life into the organization of the 21st century. The book covers a wide number of key areas of management, includin g: building thinking organizations; re-inventing marketing; navigating chaos; enhancing personal skills; recreating the understanding of strategy and structure; revolutionizing performance measurement; revitalizing how people are managed; and managing innovation and change. The book is not about discarding traditional management practice, but rather what managers should know, and shows them how to navigate through today's more turbulent business environment. Each chapter provides the reader with a variety of ideas to implement.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Published: 24 Sep 1996

ISBN 10: 1857881079
ISBN 13: 9781857881073