Red Saint, Pink Daughter

Red Saint, Pink Daughter

by SilviaRodgers (Author)


In this biography of her mother ( Red Saint ) and autobiography ( Pink Daughter ) Silvia Rodgers gives an account of her off-centre life, always in the wrong place at the most perilous time, and in difficult company, whether Polish child in the German capital, or Jewish child in a German school. Rodgers's mother was a Polish Jewish Communist in the Weimar Republic as the storm gathered. She was a political saint - as a mother she was not so saintly. Race and politics became problems as the Nazis rose: she remembers book burnings, the marauding Brownshirts, knocks at the door. She also offers an account of her family's flight from Berlin. Arriving in a less than hospitable England, the culture shock of war- and post-war Britain is recalled; also the loss of friends and relatives killed in the concentration camps. Rodgers gradually made her own life, marrying the Labour politician Bill Rodgers of the Gang of Four , and becoming a writer.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 292
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Carcanet Press Ltd
Published: 30 Oct 1997

ISBN 10: 1857543254
ISBN 13: 9781857543254