Earth to Spirit: In Search of Natural Architecture

Earth to Spirit: In Search of Natural Architecture

by David Pearson (Author), VictorPapanek (Foreword)


Many people feel that architects have lost their way. Since World War II, the urban and industrial landscapes have been increasingly dominated by brutalistic, corporate architecture. Everyone is familiar with this in shopping malls, city centres, business parks and mass-housing projects - the infamous "filing cabinets for people". This has led many to the view that architects are losing the ability to design buildings that are sympathetic either to people or to the natural environment. The author's architectural background in housing, environmental and holistic design has encouraged him to look for an alternative way - a quest for "natural architecture". The journey was long and wide-ranging, and led him first to his book "The Natural House Book". This book is a journal of David Pearson's continuing personal odyssey. A camera always to hand, he travels the world, finding glimmers of hope which reflect the three profound themes he defines in natural architecture - ecology, health and spiritual awareness. The photographs catalogue Pearson's explorations, revealing his view of how the buildings he found are integrated with lives and landscapes. He also "travels in time": back to some of the earliest structures fashioned by humanity; through traditional dwellings, yurts and tipis, which have had a continuity of use over thousands of years; to some of the most recent buildings that display a new awakening for modern natural architecture. This book allows readers to join David Pearson in his quest for a vision of how all people can live, in buildings harmonized with the land, some day in the future.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Gaia Books Ltd
Published: 01 Sep 2000

ISBN 10: 1856750469
ISBN 13: 9781856750462