Helping Children with Yoga: Right from the Start

Helping Children with Yoga: Right from the Start

by SarahWoodhouse (Author), Michelle Cheesbrough (Author), RosemaryGriffiths (Author)


We live in an age, which is, for an increasing number of people, of health consciousness. Yoga is often seen as the preserve of middle-aged, middle-class women, but this book is all about Yoga for children. Yoga promotes both physical and mental well-being and thus has no age barriers at either end. If, for example, a parent does Yoga, they may never have really thought about offering this option to their offspring, but there is actually no reason why they shouldn't. This book serves as a first introduction to the subject for both parents and teachers who wish to introduce kids to Yoga.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Edition: 1
Publisher: Network Continuum Education
Published: 23 Nov 2006

ISBN 10: 1855392151
ISBN 13: 9781855392151

Media Reviews
This book provides a wonderful resource. Its authors have managed to pack in their many years of experience in an accessible and easy to read format which manages to promote best practice, safety and be encouraging at the same time...The title of the book indicates exactly what it is all about...The no-nonsense approach is highly laudable. With some sensible precautions and due care the benefits of yoga for children hugely outweigh any potential risks. What comes across most clearly here is a sense of creative fun...Some of the photographs in this book are really charming and clearly convey the pleasure the children had in creating them...A delightful book that will encourage a whole new generation of yogis.
Tara Fraser, owns and runs Yoga Junction. --Sanford Lakoff
I was very happy to see Helping Children with Yoga. It is very well documented with nice illustrations and a few exercises of raja yoga which I particularly appreciate...I travel extensively abroad and will certainly advertise it. Yoga for children is expanding hugely.
Micheline Flak, Le Secretariat du Rye--Sanford Lakoff
This is a wonderful, practical book that covers the basis of Yoga in a way that everyone can understand. The exercises are simply explained and beautifully illustrated. The wealth of ideas designed to focus the child positively into a spiritual frame of mind are excellent. There is also a treasure chest of resources including Mandalas and Celtic patterns to be coloured as well as recommended books, sites and groups to explore more deeply. I wish I had written the book myself and will recommend it to all our A Quiet Place (TM) schools.
Penny Moon, Founder of 'A Quiet Place'--Sanford Lakoff
What a wonderful book you have produced! It's as much as I can do to tear myself away from it to write this letter! I will ensure that it goes to the Menuhin Archive here at the Academy.
Kathryn Adamson, Librarian, Royal Academy of Music --Sanford Lakoff
Author Bio
Rosemary Griffiths spent 7 years studying in a Christian Ashram in India. She has taught Yoga to 7-11 year olds in a UK primary school