God, the Big Bang and Stephen Hawking

God, the Big Bang and Stephen Hawking

by David A . Wilkinson (Author), Arnold Wolfendale (Foreword)


Does Creation need a Creator? This book examines the question of the origin of the universe from the viewpoints of both science and religion. It argues that a scientific explanation for the beginning need not destroy belief in God. The book describes the discoveries of modern cosmology. What is the evidence for the big bang theory? How far can science go? What is quantum gravity and how significant is the work of Stephen Hawking? A new chapter reviews recent scientific discoveries and resarch into time travel and other ideas.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Monarch Books
Published: 23 Feb 1996

ISBN 10: 185424342X
ISBN 13: 9781854243423