Homer's "Odyssey": A Companion to the English Translation of Richard Lattimore (Classics companions)

by PeterJones (Author)


This series of "Companions" is designed for readers who approach the authors of the ancient world with little or no knowledge of Latin or Greek, or of the classical world. The commentaries accompany readily available translations, and the series should be of value to students of Classical Civilization Studies for GCSE and A Level and at university. Students of ancient history should also find useful the commentary on some of their source materials. Each volume in the series includes the following: an introduction to the author and his work, with reference to scholarly views; a commentary providing explanation of detail, historical background, and a discussion of difficult or key passages; and periodic summaries of situation or content. This book provides a line-by-line commentary on Homer's "Odyssey" that explains the factual details, mythological allusions, and Homeric conventions that a student or general reader could not be expected to bring to an initial encounter with the "Odyssey". It also illuminates epic style, Homer's methods of composition, the structure of work, and his characterization. An introduction describes the features of oral poetry and looks at the history of the text of the "Odyssey".



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press
Published: 01 Jun 1991

ISBN 10: 1853990388
ISBN 13: 9781853990380

Author Bio

Peter Jones was co-founder of The Friends of Classics, Senior Lecturer in Classics at the University of Newcastle, and one of the best-known figures in the teaching of the Classics. He regular contributed to national newspapers (The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator and TLS), and the author of highly successful books such as Learn Latin, Learn Ancient Greek and the Classics in Translation (also published by Bloomsbury).