Global Shift: Transforming the World Economy

Global Shift: Transforming the World Economy

by ProfessorPeterDicken (Author)


'It just keeps getting better...If there was a word beyond definitive, then that would be the word I would be using here' - Professor Nigel Thrift, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol. 'Global Shift shatters our easy slogans about globalization, corporations, and nations with bold new insights...Peter Dicken has created a powerful conceptual framework not to be missed by those who hope to grasp the logic of this emerging global order' - William E Halal, School of Business and Public Management, George Washington University.'Dicken identifies both states and transnational corporations as the two key actors in the multiple processes of restructuring and institutionalization that we usually call the global economy. In so doing he has written a political economy of globalization and produced a far more comprehensive account than is typically the case in books about the global economy, most of which tend to confine the analysis to firms and markets' - Saskia Sassen, author of "Global Networks, Linked Cities". This Fourth Edition of "Global Shift" - now a standard work on globalization - has been completely updated and thoroughly revised.Students and tutors can return time and again to this volume which offers: a detailed account of the theories informing the globalization debate; a comprehensive discussion of the interplay between transnational corporations, states, and changing technologies; sectoral case studies, including services, each of which illustrates the processes of globalization in different ways; and, a much-expanded discussion of inequality, development, environment, and governance. "Global Shift" provides the reader with the tools and information needed to assess key features of globalization and contains: examples drawn from around the world; use of comparative examples and data; over 250 especially commissioned maps, graphs, tables and diagrams; notes for further reading at the end of each chapter; and, an extensive bibliography.Preoccupation with the 'global' is an emblematic feature of our time. While much of the literature is stronger on hype than on reality, the totally revised and updated Fourth Edition of "Global Shift" takes a more balanced view of globalization. It identifies both the massive changes that continue to transform the world economy and affect local communities across the globe, and the complex processes involved. It focuses on the interrelated actions of transnational corporations and states within a volatile technological environment. Richly illustrated, this bestselling cross-disciplinary book provides a unique approach to one of the key issues of the new millennium. Offering the reader all the tools needed to understand and critically assess globalization, Global Shift is the essential resource for all students in the social sciences.It is designed to be used for introductory, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in economic geography, sociology, political science and international relations, management and international business studies.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
Edition: Third Edition
Publisher: Paul Chapman Publishing
Published: 28 Feb 1998

ISBN 10: 1853963674
ISBN 13: 9781853963674

Media Reviews
`This book must be regarded as both an interesting and very useful contribution to the study of the world economy' - Asia Pacific Journal of Economics and Business

`Packed with facts and charts from case-study industry sectors, this book shows that globalization is not a bulldozer sweeping all before it' - Community Affairs Briefing

`This is no mere update of the second edition, but involves a significant rethink of the nature of globalization and the processes impelling it, as well as new case studies... Global Shift is written in a very accessible style and is to be highly recommended' - Environment and Planning A

`This is a highly impressive book.... It is more than just a very good undergraduate text. It is an important contribution to economic geography in its own right. It is a remarkable work of synthesis, drawing together a wide range of materials to present a coherent and lucid explanation of the process of global shift , which is a shorthand term to encompass the whole set of internationalization and globalization processes ' - Progress in Human Geography

`Global Shift is an excellent state of the art examination of trends in the world economy, debunking some of the myths associated with globalization' - Andrew Cumbers, Department of Geography, University of Aberdeen

`This book is a mine of useful information and stimulating ideas. If there is a book for undergraduate courses on globalization and uneven development, this is it!' - Brian Hoyle, Department of Geography, University of Southampton

`This is a genuinely new edition of the most useful textbook presently available on the global economy. The graphics are of great value for teaching and the coverage of theories and concepts is clear and fair-minded' - Leslie Sklair, Department of Sociology, London School of Economics

`Reflecting the many ways our understanding of globalization has changed and become more sophisticated, the Third Edition of Global Shift, like its predecessors, is an invaluable text for undergraduate classes. No other book on the market contains as much information and clear-headed thinking about the global economy' - Gary Gereffi, Department of Sociology, Duke University

`A first-rate eminently readable work, with an unique blend of empirical and conceptual material and an analytical depth rarely achieved in textbooks' - John Holmes, Department of Geography, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Author Bio
Peter Dicken is recognized as a leading world authority on economic globalization. He is Emeritus Professor of Geography in the School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester, UK, and has held visiting academic appointments at universities and research institutes throughout the world. He is an Academician of the Social Sciences, a recipient of the Victoria Medal of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), the Centenary Medal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and an Honorary Doctorate of the University of Uppsala, Sweden.