The Meat Business: Devouring a Hungry Planet

The Meat Business: Devouring a Hungry Planet

by Geoff Tansey (Editor), JoyceD'Silva (Editor)


The theme running through this collection of essays is that food quality and human health, the welfare of animals and the methods of farming, and the quality of the environment, go hand-in-hand. This theme continues along the lines that the present system is harmful to them all and to our ability to generate enough good food for the whole world. The contributors to the volume offer alternatives - for more humane and moderate methods of farming which produce enough nourishing food without damaging the environment it depends on.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 249
Publisher: Earthscan Ltd
Published: 01 Jul 1999

ISBN 10: 1853836036
ISBN 13: 9781853836039

Media Reviews
A powerfully informative book that commands attention from all who care about the welfare of animals. : Barbara Orlans, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University