Wrinklies' Wit and Wisdom: Humorous Quotes About Getting On A Bit

Wrinklies' Wit and Wisdom: Humorous Quotes About Getting On A Bit

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Hardcover | English
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Old is the new young! Grey is the new black! Rocking chairs are the new rock 'n' roll! Sage-louts are the new lager-louts! This sparkling collection of wrinklie wit and wisdom is proof-positive that the stereotypes of knitting grannies and doddering granddads just aren't true anymore - if, indeed, they ever were. Senior citizens are not going gentle into that good night. They're still out there, living life to the full, taking on new challenges and showing us how to grow old disgracefully. It's all in here: life, love, the universe, and Viagra. Coffin-dodgers will find lots of laughs, inspiration and 'Yes, that's me!' moments, and whippersnappers who are still some way off the free bus-pass can pick up lots of valuable tips on how to cope when the inevitable happens. Because as Maurice Chevalier said, 'Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.'

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As you read it you think it can't get any better...but it does. A real feast. - Barry Cryer; 'We can all recognise ourselves in Wrinklies' Wit & Wisdom. Read it, enjoy it, and have a good laugh.' - June Whitfield 'Whenever the talk tums to age, I say I am 49 plus VAT' - Lionel Blair; 'I said to my husband, my boobs have gone, my stomach's gone, say something nice about my legs. He said. Blue goes with everything. ' - Joan Rivers; 'I can still enjoy sex at 75. I live at 76, so it's no distance' - Bob Monkhouse

Rosemarie Jarski writes screenplays and compiles anthologies. Her previous publications include Hollywood Wit and Wisecracks (Prion). Fathers' Wit was published by Prion in 2005 and she has written many books since then. She lives in Chesire.