The Dance Teacher's Survival Guide: Teaching Dance in Schools from Key Stage 1-key Stage 3

The Dance Teacher's Survival Guide: Teaching Dance in Schools from Key Stage 1-key Stage 3

by Mark Palmer (Illustrator), KathrynSexton (Author)


Dance lessons have the potential to be exciting, creative and fun. They can be a time for children to explore ideas about the world they live in, experiment with the ways their bodies move and learn to appreciate this most physical of art forms by combining it with others...Or they can be your worst nightmare! This very down-to-earth book is written for Primary and Secondary school teachers who are faced with teaching their students Dance as part of the national curriculum, but who have no specialist dance training. This book shows how to do it. Ideas in this book will also be of interest to community groups, nursery teachers and other professionals working creatively with children. The book explains how to structure a lesson, set and develop tasks, and gives specific examples of tried and tested things to say and do to get the children moving creatively. There are also seven different schemes of work suggested for Key Stages 1-3.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 148
Publisher: Dance Books Ltd
Published: 01 Jun 2008

ISBN 10: 1852731028
ISBN 13: 9781852731021

Author Bio
Kathryn Sexton was initially trained as a Physical Education teacher with a Dance specialism. She is a highly experienced teacher and now works part-time in a school in the London Borough of Bromley and part-time as a freelance INSET provider. She also delivers Dance training for several agencies including the examination board AQA, Keynote and Essex Dance. She manages 'Catalyst' - a programme of Dance training funded by East London Dance. Kathryn is also an AQA Assistant Principal Moderator for GCSE Dance, managing the team of moderators for the South East of England, and is an examiner for A Level Dance.